Immediate Past President

DUTIES: The immediate past president shall be an advisor to the executive board. S/he shall

  1. have the responsibility of conducting the installation ceremony with the assistance of the chairperson of the elections committee or as requested by the president-elect;
  2. act as ex-official member on any committee as directed by the president or the executive board;
  3. arrange for the purchase of items needed for the installation ceremony;
  4. purchase the past president’s gift for presentation to the outgoing president at the annual meeting;
  5. serve as President of Minnesota Association of Educational Office Professionals Past Presidents’ Association;
  6. act on behalf of the president in any matter which relates personally to the president; such as payment of the president’s expenses or some personal recognition of her/his services, and thereby putting the necessary motions to vote: (This is a courtesy to the president to spare him/her embarrassment in some action for her/his own benefit); and
  7. be responsible for submitting agenda items and reports to the president in a timely manner.
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