MDE Answers Record Retention Questions

School Districts Required to Maintain Records

Government entities including public school districts are required to maintain records under state law. The maintenance of records is a legal requirement and is important for documenting the activities on which state and federal tax money was expended. Records also make policies transparent and preserve the history and knowledge of government entities.

Minnesota statutes require every government entity to have a retention schedule to govern the retention and destruction of all records. Public school districts are government entities; therefore, all public school districts in Minnesota must have a record retention schedule that is approved by the Records Disposition Panel, the state entity that approves the record retention schedules of government entities.

Minnesota law also requires charter schools to comply with and maintain and follow a retention schedule for all school records.

MDE Provides Resource Document

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has prepared extensive information to assist school districts who have raised questions about record retention. While the resource provides helpful, general information to the public, it does not constitute legal advice nor is it a substitute for consulting with a licensed attorney. The information should not be relied upon as a comprehensive or definitive response to your specific legal situation.

View resource here.


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