Members Can Be Winners

Hey, MAEOP members, if physical distancing has got you feeling like you’re missing a little bit of your summer sunshine, MAEOP is here to help.

Starting today, MAEOP members in good standing are eligible to win prizes through monthly drawings. These are prizes purchased for the now-cancelled 2020 state conference, and, well — can you say “COVID?”

Board Secretary Carol Schmitz dreamed up the idea, since she needs the space in her closets. You might win, and she definitely will win (closet space, that is).

Claim Your Prize

One name will be drawn monthly and posted to the MAEOP website. Members will be notified by email telling them to check the MAEOP website. If your name is listed, you have 1 week to email Carol Schmitz to claim your prize and give her your home mailing address.

Tell Us About Yourself

Any other catches? Oh, yes! For a new feature on getting to know our members, email Diane Vosen the information requested below. It is not required to be entered in the drawing; we hope it will be a fun way to get to know your MAEOP colleagues:

  • Your name, nickname
  • Employer/city
  • Position and time in position or with employer
  • Favorite tech tip or tool
  • Hobbies
  • Hometown and high school graduated from
  • Education certificates and degrees, including CEOP or other designations
  • Favorite vacation memory or destination
  • Family, pets
  • One other tidbit few people will know about you
  • A picture! A really good picture of you, or that favorite vacation memory, with your pet or family, or doing that favorite hobby. Or of your desk, school, and so on. (Really, we all need to see some new faces right now.)
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