Recording Secretary

DUTIES: The recording secretary shall:

  • keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the business meetings of the association and shall send to the president and each executive board member a copy of the minutes;
  • become familiar with the Bylaws of the Minnesota Association of Educational Office Professionals and with the procedures of the particular office of assignment;
  • bring to all meetings the current official minutes book, membership roll, and a list of all Committees which may be needed for reference;
  • submit minutes of the annual business meeting to the editor of the official publication of the association;
  • file in the official minute book a copy of the bylaws, all amendments to the bylaws, all resolutions adopted by MAEOP, and such other materials as the executive board may direct;
  • be responsible for submitting agenda items and reports to the president a timely manner.

TERM OF OFFICE: The recording secretary shall be elected for a term of two years and shall be eligible for              re-election for one succeeding term.

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