DUTIES: The treasurer shall:

  1. receive all funds of the association and deposit them as directed by the executive board;
  2. disburse funds of the association promptly upon a written order signed by the president;
  3. become familiar with the Bylaws of the Minnesota Association of Educational Office Professionals and procedures of her/his particular office or assignment;
  4. keep a record of all income and expenditures, prepare financial reports;
  5. present a financial report at the annual business meeting;
  6. receive and deposit MAEOP membership dues and forward the dated membership applications and renewal forms to the vice president membership;
  7. prepare a proposed budget and submit it to the executive board at a designated board meeting for board approval;
  8. submit final approved budget to membership via the newsletter and website;
  9. serve as chairperson of the credentials committee (see credentials committee duties);
  10. be an ex-officio member of the ways and means committee if one is formed;
  11. pay the fee charged for bulk mailing when necessary to the postmaster;
  12. keep on deposit monies for other mailings;
  13. renew the Certificate of Assumed Name as required by law; and
  14. be responsible for submitting agenda items and reports to the president in a timely manner; and the treasurer is authorized to determine and transfer those funds from the regular checking account which will not be needed for current expenses to one or more savings accounts. Sufficient funds are to remain in the checking account to meet current and anticipated expenses of the association.

TERM OF OFFICE: The treasurer shall be elected for a term of two years and shall be eligible for re-election for one succeeding term.